Sales Tax Commission Members

Sales Tax Commission Members

  • Jerry Helms, Chairman
    Appointed by York County
  • Carl Dicks, Vice Chairman
    Appointed by Rock Hill
  • John Gettys, Secretary
    Appointed by Rock Hill
  • Danny Funderburk
    Appointed by York County
  • Charles Plemmons
    Appointed by remaining areas of the county
  • Brown Simpson
    Appointed by York County
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State law spells out the requirements of the 6-memeber committee comprised of York County citizens:
  • Three members appointed by York County County
  • Two members appointed by Rock Hill City Council
  • One member appointed from the remaining 8 municipalities:
    • Clover
    • Fort Mill
    • Hickory Grove
    • McConnells
    • Sharon
    • Smyrna
    • Tega Cay
    • York

Sales Tax Commission Responsibilities

Per SC Law (SC Code 4-10-330), the appointed commission formulates the ballot question that will be subject to referendum approval in the county.

Additional responsibilities include:
  • Campaign for a successful vote
  • Compile projects for consideration
  • Develop and finalize a comprehensive program
  • Educate citizens on the benefits of the Pennies Program
  • Listen to citizens' concerns
  • Promote the program and help educate the voters of York County
  • Willing to meet throughout York County