Pennies for Progress Program

On August 2nd, 2011, the citizens of York County approved the 'Pennies for Progress 3' program, with 82% of the voters in favor. Please visit the Projects Page on this Web Site for detailed information. 

Program Facts

  • Ensure safer Roads
  • Ninety-nine cents of every Capital Projects Sales Tax Dollar collected will be used to improve roads in York County.
  • The tax is guaranteed to expire in 7 years or less
  • Non-residents who use our roads will help pay for the improvements
  • This is the principle source of road improvement dollars for years to come
  • The projects chosen will affect needs in every part of the county
  • You know exactly how the road tax money is being spent
  • A penny for roads is a penny for roads only 
  • Ensure faster response times by police, fire, and medical personnel

Pennies for Progress is the name of the York County Capital Projects Sales and Use Tax Programs. The Pennies for Progress Programs were initiated by York County to provide the citizens with a safer and more efficient roadway system. The projects were chosen by a Sales Tax Commission that represented the citizens of York County and then were approved by the voters in York County. York County was the first county in South Carolina to pass this type of sales tax to improve the road system.