Pennies 3 Program

The third York County Capital Projects Sales and Use Tax Program passed on August 2, 2011, and is also known as the Pennies for Progress 3 program.  This program is a continuation of the previous one-cent sales tax program passed by referendum in November 2003.  This program is a continuation of the 2003 one-cent sales tax and not an addition to the previous tax.

The types of transportation projects that are included in the Pennies for Progress 3 program include the following:

  • highway safety improvements
  • multi-lane widening
  • intersection improvements
  • bridge construction/replacement
  • gravel road upgrades
  • bikeways
  • sidewalks

In 2008, York County staff took over the management of the program which includes oversight of the Planning, Design, Right-of-way accusation and Construction for all these projects. Click on the individual phase to find out more about each step a project must endure.

For questions concerning the Pennies for Progress 3 program, please call the York County Engineering Department at (803) 864-8571.